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How it works In 3 Easy Steps!

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How Do I Sell My House For Cash In Broward County?

Sell Your House For Cash In 3 Simple Steps!

This is how it Work!

Fill Out The Form

Give us the details we need to begin researching your property to start the process

Get Your Cash Offer

We will schedule a time to view the property and give you your FREE Cash Offer

Close and Get Paid

If you like our offer, simply set a closing date & get your cash at closing Simple as 1, 2, 3

Questions You May Have When Selling Your House For Cash

“How do I know that I am truly getting a fair cash offer for my house?”

Selling your house to us doesn’t mean you sacrifice a fair offer. We want you to be confident that you are being treated with respect and integrity when selling your home. That is why we always use the same cash offer formula when buying local property in Broward County. We always explain and walk through each component of that formula.

“Why should I sell my house for cash to you instead of going through a real estate agent?”

You have several options when you want to sell your house fast. Sometimes, going through an agent can be your best option. When you want to sell your home quickly for cash, you typically call us. We take the headaches and hassle out of house selling, but we still want you to compare your options.

“Selling my house for cash definitely seems to good to be true, what is the catch here?”

Absolutely nothing! When you sell your house fast to us, we calculate our offers exactly the same way for each home. Below, we will explain the formula we use and what each component of that formula means! We hate math, so we try to keep it simple. We value honesty and transparency in our business, therefore, we are happy to demonstrate the exact method we use for calculating all of our cash offers.

We play by the numbers. Our Cash Offer for your property is based on the math. We simply add the numbers up to give you the highest possible offer we can make you. We want to make our best cash offer so you’ll accept and sell us your house!

How We Make Our Offers To Buy Your House

2) Cost of Repairs

Next is the cost of rehabbing the property (“Repairs”). This is what we estimate it would cost for us to fix it up. We like to do quick, in-and-out rehabs that keep our costs low instead of elaborate jobs – which is how we can pay more than the competition

3) We Determine Our Selling Costs

After that, we take into consideration the transaction costs (“Trans. Cost”). If we’re going to resell the house, we need to make sure we give ourselves room for the commissions, closing costs, and holding fees to come- which is usually about 10% of the ARV.

4) We Factor In Our Minimum Profit

Lastly, we determine our minimum profit (“Min. Profit”). Real estate is how we support and provide for our family and if we aren’t profitable, we wouldn’t get to stay in business so this is something we must factor in. Our minimum profit is dependent on the purchase price of the home. The higher we pay for a home, the more profit we need to make to offset the risks.

[After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Profit] = [Your Offer]

So in plain English, the market value of the house (after we fix it up), minus ALL our costs fixing it up (including our profits), will be your cash offer. It’s that simple!

What Is A Cash Home Buyer?

A cash home buyer is any person, company or entity (usually a real estate investor), capable of buying your house in cash without the need for financial support from banks, lenders or other 3rd party financial institutions. Here are 5 easy steps to get your house in Broward County sold fast!

1. Find A House Cash Buyer.

The most common method for finding cash home buyers is by doing a Google search for: “We Buy Houses [yourCity] [yourState]“, “Sell My House Fast [yourCity] [yourState], or “Cash For My House In [yourCity] [yourState], and choosing the top ranking results underneath the ads. The ad results often are not reliable or reputable as people simply pay to be on top. They are not on top because they are reputable.(Ads can be recognized by the letters “Ad” preceding the Google listing).

2. Do Your Due Diligence.

Not all cash home buyers are the same. The offer amount and thus the method used to arrive at your offer often differs significantly. For this reason you should go over their website, visit their “How It Works” page, their “About Us” and/or “Our Company” Page, and make sure they are actual real people. What you are looking for is transparency, a neat, clean and professional polished website, clear explanations, and professionalism. The website is a direct reflection on them and their business. If a business owner doesn’t take pride in their website they don’t take pride in their business and may not be the wisest choice to do business with.

3. Submit Your Information.

Once you found a reputable house buyer, it is time to get your cash offer started by submitting your information. The information needed from you is 1) a reliable way to contact you (usually a phone number or email address), 2) the address and 3) some details on the current condition of the house and what repairs it needs, if any.

4. Schedule Your Appointment.

Once the information is received, an appointment can be scheduled where you can meet the buyer, and walk through the property together. You can ask them any questions you may have and by the end of the walkthrough your offer is presented and discussed. There should never be any costs associated for these services and the offer is a no obligation to accept offer. Most reputable property buyers understand that this is a critical time in your life and you have a big decision to make so more often than not, they would respect the need to think it over and you should have a cash offer friendly attorney look over the contract.

5. Schedule Your Closing Date. Get Your Cash!

If the offer presented is to your satisfaction, you can set a date for closing. During closing you will get the cash and that’s it. You sold your house for cash to a cash buyer successfully! Usually it is the cash buyer that will pay for all closing costs, making sure the transaction is as attractive as possible for you, the seller.

What Happens Next If We Accept Your Offer?

If You Accept Our Offer

You will be required to sign and return a simple purchase and sell agreement.

Once you return the signed purchase and sell agreement, we will open Escrow immediately. Escrow will then provide you with Escrow and Title paperwork to complete.

Once all parties have received the necessary completed paperwork from you, we will wire the closing funds to Escrow. It only takes us one day to wire the closing funds to Escrow. 

Once Escrow receives the closing funds, Title records the sale on the date of your choice. After Title records the sale, Escrow will wire your closing proceeds to your bank account or you can pick up a check at Escrow.

After you confirm your money is in your bank account, we meet you to get the keys.

Cash In Your Hands, Property Off Your Hands. It’s Really That Easy!

Yes, It Really Is That Easy

How Quickly Can You Get Cash In Your Hand?

This is completely up to you! How quickly do you need to sell your house? We move as fast as you need, or as slowly. We are out to make the deal work for you, so we can be as adaptable as you need. There are two parts to how it works…

How Long To Get An Offer?

We can give you an offer as quickly as 30 minutes after getting your information. The offer will still be contingent on viewing the property but if you need something more certain, we can be out to your house within the same day if you need and make an offer right on the spot. We truly work on your schedule.

How Long To Get Paid?

Again, this is going to be up to you! Are you trying to do a quick close and have your money in 7 days? No problem. Or, maybe you need 60-90 days so you can find a new house and get your arrangements in place before you relocate. It makes no difference to us! We’re adaptive and will line the closing up so it’s convenient for you.


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We Buy Houses Cash In Broward County, FL

Junard, Inc buys houses in Florida. We Buy Houses cash In Broward County. We eliminate all that comes with the traditional way of selling your house. We do not rely on bank approvals; we have our own cash. We buy as is and can close quickly. Because we are not agents and we have absolutely no intention to list your house, there are no agent fees or commissions. We are absolutely ready to buy your house right now and can close immediately! It all starts by filling in our form.

At Junard, Inc we value honesty, integrity and transparency. We start by explaining exactly how it works, what to expect and what timeframe we are working with. If you need to sell your house fast in Broward County, we believe we are a great option! Remember, no repairs, no agent fees or commissions and we buy in any condition! Don’t sit on it, give us a call!

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